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History of Guyana Cancer Foundation


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In 2005, a small group of Avon part time representatives were selected by CEO of BHI Guyana, Ms. Ann Singh , who also helped to set up Avon Community Help Fund , to start breast cancer awareness in Guyana. Bibi Saeedah Hassan was selected by the committee to be treasurer of the fund. From there on Bibi’s journey started with the fund to create awareness, and education. The Avon Community Help Fund and its representatives started to raise funds through the business community and with the help of their close friends, they started their education and awareness program. 

Over the years the Fund, has been conducting Breast Cancer Awareness activities through a number of initiatives, particularly sessions on how to do the Breast Self- Examination in the comfort of your home.. Given their awareness and advocacy programs, five years later, since inception, they came up with the initiative to provide access to screening services including mammograms and sonograms for high risk women including the medically underserved and underinsured women. This intervention would motivate more women to take action to fight this disease and create opportunity for them to seek early medical care.

On the 29th January 2015, Avon was dissolved in the Caribbean and the Fund couldn’t use the name “Avon Community Help Fund”. Later in April 2015, Bibi Saeedah Hassan received a call from Ms. Ann Singh, of Avon Community Help Fund, who was and is still the CEO of Beauty and Home Innovations, Guyana, asking Bibi Akhtar, to take over the Avon Community Help Fund because she had a vision for it.

Bibi took up the challenge and with help of others she changed the name from Avon Community Help Fund to Guyana Cancer Foundation. She is truly passionate towards this cause because of her own personal encounter when her mom became a breast cancer survivor in the year 2008. She was there at every step with her mother, being her caregiver, going through chemo and hair loss sessions. One morning, Bibi’s mother called her into her room, and she said to Bibi, ” look at my pillow “. There was a big junk of hair. Bibi couldn’t speak when she saw that. She came back to her room, sat on her bed, cried her heart out asking God why this had to happen to her beautiful mom.

Since then her mother inspired her to assist women to fight this disease, because early detection can help save lives.

Quote: “It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”….Mother Teresa


Bibi Saeedah Hassan –Founder/ President


Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

The Organization is established for the purpose of:

  • To provide help and inspire hope in those affected by cancer through early detection, education, awareness and free medical screening with a focus on the medically underserved  ( low-income and under-insured) population and to make a difference in their lives.
  • To reintegrate cancer survivors back into society
  • To enlarge the community’s support systems to make strides against cancer for fighters and survivors.

Vision Statement

To be the beacon of stopping cancer before it starts through education and support.




Office Bearers


Board of Directors
1- Bibi Saeedah Hassan – President
2- Adeeb Juman – Secretary
3- Farah Gabriella Yousuff – Treasurer
4- Harrinand Persaud – Coordinator – MBA
5- Tessa Allen – Public Relations Officer
6- Sheik Imran Hassan – Trustee

Team Members
1- Nazeema Haniff – Assistant – Treasurer
2- Desiree Leitch – Assisant- Secretary
3- Ramesh Pooran
4- Donald Joseph
5- Christopher Ryan Sookdeo
6- Zeena Paul
7- Audrey Morris – Retired Nurse
8- Francine Leitch – Cancer Survivor
9- Roslaine Clarke – Cancer Survior
10- Ann Singh – Honorary Member
11- Kathy Samaroo – New Jersey NY USA
12- Khaleel Hussein – Florida USA
13- Roslaine Clarke – Breast Cancer Fighter
14- Bibi Amina Hassan – Breast Cancer Survivor – Honorary Member

Corporate Sponsors

1- Guyana Bank For Trade & Industry Ltd
2- King’s Jewellery World
3- Rehaad Ali – Ottawa Canada
4- N & S Mattai & Co
5- Deluxe Trading
6- Golden Fleece Rice Investment
7- Akbar Store (Wm.fogarty’s)

Azzar Haniff – FCCA, CFAFD, CA
Chartered & Forensic Accountant

Legal Consulant
Justice Doanld Trotman CCH